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How to grow a small youtube channel in 2020

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Hello friend and welcome and congratulations. You just found the key to growing your youtube channel from the ground up. In this article, we will talk about the top 5 tips and tricks used by YouTubers to grow their youtube channel.SO without further ado lets hop into it.

Be consistent- Consistency is very important in the youtube space if there is anything that can throw you out of the youtube algorithm it being inconsistent. If you are uploading once a week on for example Friday at 10:00 AM, Twice a week or at whatever speed you are comfortable with. For someone who created his/her youtube you want more people to subscribe to your channel and in order to do so you want youtube to push your videos to people and show it to them on their home page. This is one of the best ways to increase the audience who not only subscribe to your channel but also show interest and watch your content.

Utilize your channel banner-Most people ignore this but also forget how important it is. When a potential new subscriber visits your channel the first thing that they look at is your channel banner and your profile photo. Your youtube channel banner should tell the people what your channel is all about. This way a person exactly knows what type of content a person should expect from your channel. This way your channel banner answers two most important questions a person may have when visiting your channel which is what type of content should I expect and should I subscribe to it.

Branded thumbnails-This is another very important part which most people make while starting their channel. You may think how a thumbnail affects my video or my channel. So the answer to this question is psychology when a person sees your videos in their recommendation page the first thing they glance upon is your thumbnail. This is a small hack that most YouTubers do is they make a general vibe or color theme to their thumbnail. This way when a viewer looks over to your channel they have a basic idea of what this video is about. This also makes your thumbnail unique to your channel and makes your channel look very organized and clean which makes it pleasing to the eyes and releases dopamine which is the chemical in our brain responsible for us to feel happy and makes them want to subscribe to you.

Staying on the recommended page-This is one very tricky but useful trick that helps your channel shoot like a rocket toward the star of success. For this you need to optimize your title and description so that the youtube algorithm can detect the keywords and show your videos to people who are actually interested in the niche/types of videos you post and who are more likely to watch your videos and subscribe to your channel.

5.SEO-At last but not least SEO.SEO is literally one thing that can just jumpstart your engine so that you can continue your youtube journey and reach your destination faster. The best tool that you can use to optimize your videos is Tubebuddy. Tubebuddy is a chrome extension specifically to help you get your videos in search. It not only helps you to select keywords that have less competition but loads of viewers and has paid and free versions.