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How To Help Protect Against Trojans

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Here are some DOs and DON'Ts to help protect against Trojan malware. First, the DOs :

• Computer security begins with installing and running an internet security suite. Run periodic diagnostic scans with your software. You can set it up so the program runs scans automatically during regular intervals.

• Update your operating system’s software as soon as updates are made available from the software company. Cybercriminals tend to exploit security holes in outdated software programs. In addition to operating system updates, you should also check for updates on other software that you use on your computer.

• Protect your accounts with complex, unique passwords. Create a unique password for each account using a complex combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.

• Keep your personal information safe with firewalls.

• Back up your files regularly. If a Trojan infects your computer, this will help you to restore your data.

• Be careful with email attachments. To help stay safe, scan an email attachment first. 

• A lot of things you should do come with a corresponding thing not to do — like, do be careful with email attachments and don’t click on suspicious email attachments. Here are some more don’ts.

• Don’t visit unsafe websites. Some internet security software will alert you that you’re about to visit an unsafe site, such as Norton Safe Web.

• Don’t open a link in an email unless you’re confident it comes from a legitimate source. In general, avoid opening unsolicited emails from senders you don’t know.

• Don’t download or install programs if you don’t have complete trust in the publisher.

• Don’t click on pop-up windows that promise free programs that perform useful tasks.