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How to live peacefully with physical conditions like gerd and mvp

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People encounter a lot of problems, some have diseases some have pyschological issues and some have physical conditions like gerd or mvp.

Whether it's a sickness or physical disability, a lot of people suffer because of their conditions and they cant really enjoy their lives.

Some people wanted to commit suicide because they can't take it anymore and some people are struggling everyday to live .

I may not have the permanent solution to make your sickness or physical conditions go away but I will help you to live with it and enjoy your life .

Of course, I am not saying you embarace your suffering and torture your self . I want you to have a peaceful life , in order for you to do that you have to examine how you view your life first .

A lot of people focus too much on their surroundings that they almost let it control them , this is where most of the people are not aware of. we have to consciously see this and change it .

I am well aware that this is not easy especially if your mind is overthinking about negative things and it's always pulling you to focus on negative thoughts.

You have to change the way you think first, to change it you have to change the way you see your situation and your self .

Most of the time we think that we are victims of our situations, we have to stop acting as a victim and take responsibility of your life and change it.

But why is it too hard to do it? It's because of your trauma, emotional wound and mental wounds

These things make you weak that you almost don't have power and momentum to change your situation and your mindset .

Heal them first ,

In order for you to overcome your situation you need to accept it that it's there and you have it . After that slowly dettach your self from your situation . How do you dettach your self? By questioning your position in that given situation , are you really affected?

I tell you that you can dettach yourself from your situation and you can change how you see yourself. You can stop identifying yourself as a victim with your current situation. In order for your you to do that you have to heal your emotions and mind.

Dissolving the trauma and the wounds inside you will take a lot of time and it's a slow process depending on how complex the issue is but you can do it and anything is possible.

Train your mind to stop thinking negative thoughts, what usually happens is we panic easily that we almost shut down our logical part. We have to stay calm observe and think.

Overthinking is thinking something that is not really happening . To avoid this we have to study practical measures like what to do if in case it happens again . What are the signs and symptoms . Train your self to be not emotional.

It will be helpful if you practice a drill everyday on how you will engage to it in case it becomes active just like in fire drill and earth quake drill. Once you know what to do and become confident you will stop from overthinking that cause anxiety.

Take an extra measure like going to a professional for help.

It might not go away but once you overcome the trauma and the wounds you will find it easily to dettach your self from your situation to the point that its not disturbing you