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How to Reduce Constant Spam Calls

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The phone rings, and you groan. Not again! It must be your tenth spam call today! Well, you're not alone. New estimates suggest that as many as 58 billion spam calls were made last year, and since that's nearly 159 million per day, it's no wonder that your phone seems to only connect to spammers. Legislation like the Traced Act and new features in phones and recent FCC guideline changes are working to reduce spam calls, but it'll take time. What can YOU do to stop the flow of spam?

The best way to reduce spam calls is to not interact with them. Don't answer any calls from unrecognized numbers, even if they're a local number. This is a common tactic of spammers to get you to answer, confirming that your number is real, and allowing them to sell it to yet more scam call centers.

But sometimes you HAVE to pick up. Maybe you're expecting a call from a potential employer or client, but don't know their number. So you pick up, only to hear that you've won a cruise you never applied to win, or that the IRS is suing you, or that the warranty on your car can be renewed, or that they have low cost health insurance that you qualify for. Never answer any question with "yes," and preferably, just hang up. Don't press any buttons when prompted: this goes back to confirming your number is real. If you have concerns about a company needing to contact you, hang up, and use their official website to call and inquire yourself.

It won't eliminate spam from your phone, but taking these measures might steer scams and spam away from your number.