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How to Show Your Cat You Really Care

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A TikTok-gone-viral created by @maseplace, established the basics of how we can show our cats we care about them on a different level compared to what we are doing now. One could say, all of the strict rules indoor animals have to follow may create a barrier between the relationship of the pet and owner.

In the TikTok, it’s shown that Cooter the cat has no relationship problems with his owner, who is unnamed in the TikTok. Cooter, at the beginning, appears to be lounging as he is being petted by his owner and told that he is loved. The cat’s eyes glisten like moons, in a heartwarming manner, and Cooter cries out to his owner. This overjoys his owner and he screams towards the end of the video. Cooter’s owner (@maseplace) scratches at his head in excitement and the carnada shuts off.

As presented, cats need grooming, pampering, and words of love. Never overspoil them. This isn’t just about cats, though. This can be applied to all pets. By giving love, we can hope to receive love from pets (especially our cats) in return. Wanna watch the TikTok? 👇👇Link 👇👇