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Human-sized fish caught off the coast of Spain

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It appears to be something from a science fiction film.

And with a length of more than ten feet and a width of nine feet, it's easy to see why Marine biologist Enrique Ostale couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the enormous sunfish he had been called to check after a tuna-fishing boat noticed it tangled in its nets off the Mediterranean coast earlier this month.

"When we arrived there, we couldn't believe our luck, because we had read books and articles about the dimensions that a sunfish could have, but we didn't realize we would be able to observe it and touch it firsthand."

This animal, with dark grey skin, circular grooves in its sides, and a big, prehistoric-looking head, was most certainly a mola alexandrine and a record find for the area.

"Large fish are common, but not this enormous. This one might weigh up to 2000 kilos, according to the bibliographies. What we do know is that the 1000-kilo scale did not function. It made a mistake and was about to shatter, so based on other research and size comparisons, it could weigh up to 2000 kilos."

The fish was returned to the sea after Ostale and his colleagues gathered measurements, pictures, and DNA samples, and it quickly vanished into the deep. The gigantic sunfish is a fragile species that is not consumed in Europe.