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I Am Bad at Eggs

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When I was a kid, I never ate eggs. "They taste like feet," I would proclaim to a room of eye-rolling adults in a defiant toddler pose of authority. So, I never really learned to cook eggs at all. Why bother, when I knew I'd never want to eat them?

As I got older, I still don't relish the idea of a plate of plain scrambled eggs, but I found that I needed to cook them for family more and more. My father likes them over hard. My grandmother, medium boiled. My toddler eats them scrambled, and I've even been asked to make poached eggs, or eggs benedict! But unfortunately, I am bad at eggs.

I am bad at eggs only because I never had need to practice when I was learning to cook. I can cook a perfect filet mignon and make a coconut cream pie fit for a king, but eggs? Dry. Overcooked. Or possibly worse, too runny and raw. What is so hard about this fundamental cooking skill?

I am naturally bad at eggs. But I've practiced so that others won't turn up their nose at my burnt scrambled mess that was supposed to be an omelet. And now I can poach, boil, and fry to fit any taste. Remember folks, you'll never get better if you don't keep trying. I might be bad at eggs inherently, but I am a dedicated egg chef nonetheless.

Photo: Pixabay