I don't feel safe as a woman in Boston

Boston, MA Icon Nightclub

I know Boston has a reputation as a wealthy, safe city, but I just don't feel safe at night. People in Boston get so drunk, men especially.

I was leaving the club with my friends last weekend and they were going to a different part of town. They said they'd wait with me for my uber to show up but I said I was fine and they could take their ride share. A hammered guy came up to me and would not leave me alone! I felt very unsafe. He even tried to get in my uber when it showed up, but I told my uber driver that I didn't know this man and he wasn't coming with me. The uber driver had to tell him multiple times that he was not allowed in the car before I got to go home safely.

 ( source: https://www.howlatthemoon.com/boston-nightlife/ )



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