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I Got Blood on my Clothes... Now What?

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You accidentally cut yourself chopping vegetables for dinner. Or maybe you fell and skinned your elbow. Perhaps the cat got angry and clawed your leg. In any case, there's blood on your clothes, and everybody knows it's done for, right? Wrong! Your clothes are still salvageable, and you have the solution to the problem in your medicine cabinet right now: hydrogen peroxide.

Good old H2O2 will take blood, fresh or dried, right out of your favorite clothes, even delicate fabrics like silk or satin. Simply pour a little on the stain, and let it set for a minute. You should see a lot of bubbles form on and around the stain: that's the catalase in blood cells breaking the bond between hydrogen and oxygen in your hydrogen peroxide, releasing water and oxygen.

After watching the stain fizz, dab the stain away with a clean, soft cloth. You may need to reapply for severe or set in stains. Wash the clothes as you normally would when you're finished! This will work on car seats, carpet, and bed sheets as well, so save yourself the trouble of buying new stuff when you can easily wash blood away!

Photo: Pixabay