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I know from what are you suffering , trust me !

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Literally I have nothing except my experience , In this whole scnerio of your life nothing going to matter ethire you are rich , poor ,dump, blind Nothing matters . A only thing matter is your internal happiness and a source of it is only n only YOU. Now question arise how ?

My only answer is again is you

Confused 😓

Let me guide you with your permission ,

I will ask you questions think answer in your mind and lastly you will get the track .

1. Do you wake up before and thanks God for new wake up .

2. Are you doing small lap of meditation ,any kind

3. Are you showing gratitude towards nature eg. Sun air ,fire,water etc

4. This might you have done several time , donating things to inneed

5 do you smoke , do you drink ,do love someone , jealousy of someone , ( don't do that plz it make you every time imperfect)

6. Are you focusing on your daily work .

8 . Are you on No Fap .

And now take a breath and face this 1 % questions and ask your self and think how can you become internal happy for ever . Tell your mind let's become perfect ,👍

I know you know the way , you can show the way , but you have to ask yourself , let's wakeup together !!.