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I Watched Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist so You Don’t Have To

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On January 7th, NBC dropped their newest “hit show” Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. If you’ve been feeling a Glee shaped hole in your life for the past couple of years, this show may be for you. Although, I sincerely hope Glee didn’t leave a hole in your life.

Because Glee’s been off air for just the right amount of time now, NBC thought it primetime for a new musical show, but how to do it differently enough that people couldn’t compare? Hmm. Ah yes of course, let’s write a show about a girl who gets a weird superpower from an MRI that allows her to see people’s feelings through hit songs that somehow perfectly represent how they’re feeling.

Yeah NBC. That’s what we needed. I’m just going to cut to it. This show is so heavy handed it’s not even funny and trust me it tries to be. It tries to do the quirky awkward girl thing that we’ve seen from the likes of New Girl and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It comes in hard with having two guys in love with our quirky protagonist; whereas she has a huge crush on the guy that’s engaged, because that’s classic right? There’s the overtly sexist guy who both tries to act like he is and like he’s not. And then we have her family.

This pilot episode tried to sell me on feeling emotions for these characters harder than any pilot episode has ever tried to sell me. It’s not great to come out the gate too strong with a family turmoil plotline. If I haven’t even gotten to know these characters yet, how am I supposed to care about what they’re going through? And yet the pilot of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist had me go through what could have been at least half a season’s worth of significant moments and emotions in a single episode.

Lastly, in addition to being oh so “quirky”, Zoey is whiney. Her dad’s dying, I will give her that, but she spends the last five minutes of the episode crying over how hard her life is and how the universe is against her. Other than her dad’s illness the only things that have happened are her boss is being kind of pushy because she wants Zoey to prove her worth if she wants her promotion; she found out the guy she liked was engaged (oh no, not the guy I barely know anyway. The world is ending); and she’s hearing people sing out their emotions. Prove your worth, get over the guy, and embrace the music sister.

Ultimately, I will not be watching more of this show, and I didn’t even really want to in the first place, but NBC was offering the first episode for free all over the internet, so my passing curiosity won over. Don’t waste your time if this is just one of many shows you’re trying to find time to get to.

Image owned by NBC.