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I Wrote A Book Like One Already Written. Now What?

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As a matter of first importance, attempt not to despair over this. Indeed, this is disheartening. However, at least you exhibit ability and talent as an author. That is the great aspect of this not so very unusual situation. Regrettably, this occurs. This transpires more than you know given everything nowadays has already been thought of today, particularly due to the Internet, with computerized creations. 

There is not, at this point any such thing as a unique story thought. Indeed, even fantasy and science fiction reuse until somebody thinks of something new, which was most presumably a difference in a more established thought. Indeed, even the motion picture The Matrix was an update to Simulacra and Simulation. By the way, both movies don't hide this fact.

Moreover, if we are talking about story content, discover who composed first, and where their "unique" thought originated from. And, on the off chance that you are talking about Title — don't be stuck on it — discover another that is surprisingly better. Simply recall - there is a reality that Shakespeare obtained the most unique story thoughts from others. 

Furthermore, try and get over it. A thought is a thought, and the odds are excellent that regardless of what your thought is, another person has done it. The thing is — you didn't do anything wrong. You shared a couple of words for all intents and purposes when this book (story) was composed. Be that as it may, the other person executed their thought, and you didn't? So what. Keep on keeping on. You need to compose a novel - plunk down and compose. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you're shocked because somebody had a comparative thought, at that point overlook it.

In particular, don't let anybody tell you that you purposely replicated somebody's story; if you HONESTLY composed it yourself, not knowing something so comparable was at that point made. If you do, then this can demoralize you from ever composing again — if you let it get to you. 

Don't forget, it requires some investment, and sometimes many years to compose a story. Thus, whatever you do, kindly don't hurl it out the window - God no.

Along these lines, my recommendation is to continue composing and change something other than what's foreseen, concerning a similar story you unwittingly composed.