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Ice Cube is Releasing a New Marijuana Line Called 'Fryday Kush'

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Ice Cube has already established himself as a successful actor and rapper, now he’s dropping a new cannabis line. He revealed over social media that he’s partnered up with Caviar Gold to release his very own cannabis line, titled ‘Fryday Kush,’ in reference to his popular 1995 film Friday. Friday was the first of three stoner movies featuring Ice Cube. The 1995 comedy, which also starred Chris Tucker, told the story of two unemployed friends who must pay a local drug dealer on a Friday. It produced two sequels – 2000’s Next Friday and 2002’s Friday After Next.

Ice Cube tweeted, “I partnered with Caviar Gold, so you know Fryday Kush is the best. Caviar Gold is the original infused & only patented cannabis brand on the market. Available in CA, AZ, NV, and OK, so go get it.” The rapper announced on Instagram, “Fryday Kush, my new marijuana brand, launches today. Fryday Kush is made with that good stuff – it’s 46.2% THC and 10.78% CBD… you don’t want to miss it.”

He also stated that his product comes in an array of options.

The product description on Caviar's website reads, “From the man that needs no introduction – these infused cones & high potency buds are the strongest nugs on the market, personally developed by Ice Cube."

Ice Cube is the latest rapper to have his own cannabis line, with fellow rappers such as JAY-Z and Lil Wayne recently having invested in the cannabis industry.