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Iceland PM Keeps Her Cool As Earthquake Disrupts Interview

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Icelandic Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir depicted a surreal example of professionalism after she remained stoic through an earthquake during a live interview. Jakobsdottir was elaborating on the impact of the pandemic on tourism with the Washington Post when a sudden jolt took her by shock. There was a quick but violent shake, which was very well observed by the trembling of the Prime Minister’s office during the interview. Jakobsdottir, for a moment, was startled. But soon she shrugged off the disturbance and continued on with her reply.

"Oh my god, there's an earthquake," she said with a gasp. "Sorry, there was an earthquake right now. Wow."

After she was done with the interview, the interviewer pivoted back to the occurrence. Amazed at the Prime Minister’s calm during the earthquake and her complete disregard of the calamity, he quizzed her about her reaction.

But as it turns out, earthquakes, being fairly common in Iceland, do not affect Jakobsdottir. "Well this is Iceland,” she said. "Yes I'm perfectly fine, the house is still strong, so no worries."

The 5.6 magnitude earthquake struck on Tuesday afternoon 10 kilometers southwest of Hafnarfjordur, a coastal town near the capital of Reykjavík, according to the United States Geological Survey, which measures quakes worldwide. The earthquake did some damage around the capital, although no major losses were reported.

Iceland, owing to its volcano-laden topography, is no alien to earthquakes. In 2018, Iceland’s national seismic monitoring networks recorded, on average, 500 earthquakes every week. The numbers are far higher during episodes of volcanic activity, which is also fairly common in the northern Atlantic ridge.

Source: BBC