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Iliza Shlesinger is on Fire with Netflix Deals

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Powerhouse, lady-boss comedian Iliza Shlesinger just had her fifth special drop on Netflix, making her the comedian with the most original Netflix specials to date. Titled Iliza: Unveiled, we laugh along with Iliza as she takes us through her experiences planning a wedding in the hindsight of her recent marriage. And boy is it relateable as always, even for those of us who have yet to tie the knot.  

Iliza Shlesinger is the kind of comedian we all need in our life, so we can also rejoice that this new special is certainly not where the fun stops. Although she's sure to have plenty more specials in the future, we also have another project to look forward to from Shlesinger in the form of a Netflix original sketch comedy show. 

Featuring ridiculous characters and abound with jokes, the sketch show special will consist of six half-hour-long episodes, and it's set to air in 2020. Hopefully if the reception is good, this won't be the only set of episodes we see. First we'll have to determine just how funny it is by seeing it ourselves, but with Shlesinger's track record for comedy specials, it's not likely to disappoint.

All of Iliza Shlesinger's Netflix specials can be streamed now, so get bingeing! 

Check out the trailer for Iliza Shlesinger's new special here!
Click here for the official announcement from Netflix about the sketch show.

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