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Illusions of grandeur 01

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I zone out and have these illusions of grandeur that prevent me from concentrating. I'l be writing about these from now on.

App "i'm tempted" Someone creates an app and it has a button, "i'm tempted". People click on it and submit their immediate problems like: 1. Got an important test tomorrow. I'm tempted to go to this party with friends. No one is encouraging me to study. Help am a drug addict. I have money. I'm severly tempted. I know if i yield it will spiral out of control. help. am a christian. Even looking at a woman to lust after her is adultery in heart. Am tempted 100's of times. Help. am alcoholic. Not tempted. But something feels off and i dont want to find myself alone tempted and no one to help me. Direct my choices and decisions today. Also need a mindset to be prepared for a month of temptations as i'm going on a business trip help. i go the gym. Tempted not to go today. Help. These are just some of the examples. The solution is based on the fact that the other people in the community this app creates will be willing and ready to help because they understand. Everyone is tempted all the time. If this works a huge problem will be solved in our lives. But our lives will also be strict and bland and rough and robbed of joy. But love will find a way. Love not lust or any other attachment. Love is what makes life amazing. So the principle behind making this work is this: 1 Corinthians 10:13, KJV: "There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it." So the tempted person just has to find this way. For example many many people have trouble waking up on mondays,etc. The way out is open social media at 4am and it will keep you up till 7am and you will find your sleepiness has gone and you can easily work. But at the cost of some mental freshness. So you better make the socia media feed productive. There you go. Life is not a fight. Is there a way to make it smoother? Another idea(not sure if it works so i'm calling it an illusion of grandeur) that i had recently was convert your smartphone into a web server to host a website for free. Yes no paying for domain. I hope. If the information exchange is purely text based, a smartphone can handle billions of requests(after all it is millions of times more powerfull than the computer used to launch apollo into orbit)You can make your own smartphone into a complete one man social media company. Now the problem is making the site globally accessible. I think it can be done by creating an app. Whoever installs it will be able to share their webpages to anyone around the world using a combination of tunnel to localhost transfer( a friend told me about this tunnel. Google drive uses it)and peer to peer transfer. I hope it works. In my mind i visioned it toppling markets of website companies etc. So i want to combine both ideas listed above. I also want to give a shoutout to the head of the ministry of freedom. This guy shows people how to make immediate online money. I thougt if it really works, then why dont you use it yourself. Or if you want to help people make money there are thousands of homeless people whom you can help. I didn't believe in his cause and i closed his video. I believe that there are no shortcuts in life. I even tried to email him. What do you really want to achieve. I wont spend money on you until i believe in you. The email address was set to no reply and i recieved an automated email but nothing of substance. Today i watched another ad of his. He showed that there were many fake gurus on the internet who claim to make you big money and he had lost cash on them without any results. Maybe thats why he was trying to help others. So a shoutout to the ministry of freedom guy: you could be genuine. But what you are doing is easy because it is tempting people. And there are no shortcuts in life. If something is easy thats because either there has been a heavy price that had been paid for it or there will be a price to pay for it. Read the bible. Anyways, the concluding illusion of grandeur that i want to share is this: India has millions of low class people, daily wage workers and such who are starving because of the lockdown. If you find that you can earn money with the ideas listed above, share it with them. May god bless you. I'm lazy so i'm copy pasting the emails i tried to send to help them. Because i dont have money. Only ideas and love. Here: Can you help these villages sell their stuff online?  Contact them directly, i am not involved just thought maybe you could help.  Thankyou for your consideration. Incase you want to help, donatekart did not let me speak to its ngo. They gave me an address to speak to the people directly... They dont have phones i think. Here's what they said: Plz find the address: Raghurajpur, Jagannathballava, Odisha 752012. Also, we work through our NGO partners. Hence, we do not have direct contact number of these people.  Our NGO partner will take of everything  till distribution. So, if you do get to them, You can educate them about: 1. How they can use your online distribution framework for selling online and the costs involved(if you are willing?) 2. How to get users to buy premium stuff which they can sell for more and escape poverty. 3. How to hire social media influencers and instagram models abroad to promote their fashion in exchange for a small commission.( because they draw on cloth, maybe they can make dresses too!) 4. Can they take requests for scenes from the bible too? What a fusion of art! 5. Are there other villages like these?  Thankyou for your consideration. Enough for now. Bye folkspaper!