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Illusions of grandeur 02

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This one kept me from studying today. I once had an idea that electric flying cars were cheaper than normal cars in every way. I did some calculations and i was surprised that they turned out to be feasible. I could be wrong.

Tldr: i think if you take the concept of a helicopter and use it by making an aerodynamic light framework with hollow duralumin, attach protected propellers to it like an electric drone( protected means covered by a gauge) and instead of using a battery use a live wire with which it remains in contact during flight( just like an electric train but much faster and just so the fire doesn't break the contact is not fastened but just a touch). This setup is cheaper and way faster than a modern car in every way. You dont have to make roads, all you need is a live wire and reduced costs because of how cheap electriciy is cheaper than 4 third quality ac train tickets in india combined. If the wire were high enough, it can be made safe. Because if the electricity is cut off because of loss of contact with the wire, the drone can spread aeroplane like hollow wings and take off briefly and land with a parachute.

I was so excited about this, i sent an email to elon musk saying that it could be a better,cheaper,faster alternative than the boring company. I didn't get any reply. Here, Hi, elon I have found a better,faster,cheaper more futuristic alternative to the boring company. I couldn't send blueprints and calculations because of crippling lack of resources. I hope to get u interested in this. Flying cars Okay, so there is a network of high voltage electric wires running throughout the city. One is the fast wire. When your car drone comes into contact through a retractble stem to that wire, other drones on the wire slow down for you to get in the queue safely. So no collosions. And it is like a highway, the slow wires are like normal roads. If your car drone's connection to the live wire, detaches or there is a power cut, it will immediately move away from the wire and slow down and land in a safe zone. Since it is connected to an external source of power supply, it carries no fuel, and is lightweight. It can also borrow any amount of power for greater speeds, and the total power used is calculated by an unhackable metre in the ca. It also very lightweight because instead of having a complete body, it has a wireframe. It is safer than helicopters because there are four rotors for balance. And each of the rotors are protected by a wire mesh surrounding them. To make it safer the seats are inflatable and are not hard. Lets see what are the costs. The major costs to consider are:  Cost of power while going fast. Cost of power used while going at medium and slow speeds. The cost of installing the wires throughout the city and supplying electricity. The cost of building the car. The cost of selling the car and profits if any. To understand lets visulalize. Dubai will welcome such an attraction.( i think because they have the money, and it will be good for tourists.) Helicopters engine gives 152.868 kw continuously to achive a  speed of 208- 256 kmph at a weight of  as follows:  R44 raven 2 police helicopter-  Maximum Gross Weight2500 lb (1134 kg) Approximate Empty Weight (including oil, standard avionics, and standard police package)1638 lb (743 kg) Standard Fuel (29.5)177 lb (80 kg) Auxiliary Fuel (17.0)102 lb (46 kg) Pilot, Passengers, and Cargo (with full fuel)583 lb (264 kg) Lets assume weight to be 1000 kg. Applying Unitary method 153 kw at 250 kmph for 1000 kg So weight of our drone car will be considerably less. Light wireframe, no fuel, the only significant weight will be passengers(4) luggage(50 kg) four rotors and engine( find out how much)  Anyways, bonus of flying cars is that u dont have to construct roads in inaccessible areas, only wire or cables. Yayy. Assuming 4 rotors weighing 200 kg, 4 people weighing 300 kg, luggage 50 kg, motors weighing 150 kg, frame weighing 100 kg we have total 800 kg.  So 160 kw is feasible because weight is under 1000 kg.  For a 250 km ride, it will take 1 hr.  So 160 kwh. At 6.5 inr per unit, it will cost 1040 inr. Cheaper than first class train ticket.(i think).And way faster. A third ac ticket to kolkata takes about 400 for 4 people it will be 1600 inr. Its more pricey. By car it takes about 1300 inr. About the same as flying car. Lets see how cheap we can go without compromising luxury and safety for making a drone car. 200 per kg is aluminium price. Without making the prototype it is difficult to guess the manufacturing price. It would be amazing if i can make it cheaper than the price of a car. This is definitely worth the attention. I wonder why no one has noticed this before. Plus because it is electric, it wont cause pollution.  The question is,if flying cars are better,cheaper,faster, safer( because they fly in a straight line), than normal cars, and dont require infrastructure like roads, and no need to land for refuelling,everybody will like to buy them. There was another idea that keeps coming into my mind. I have real bad handwriting that my teachers and parents disapproved of. But when i write on the palm of my hand, it is not that bad. So pages like the palm skin like filled with grooves(like he ones that form into fingerprints not the ones that are used for palm reading) but soft could be ideal for practicing good handwriting even with ball point pens. Now how to make pages like that. I keep having new age ideas and illusions of grandeurs that distract me from my bible and my bca degree studies( imagine that, i dropped out of one college to become like steve jobs and my father made me join another one. Not that i achieved something substantial, i think. I'm a big loser) Anyways these illusions of gradeur keep giving me hopes of doing huge things. I am scared of going to hell. Also i want to be a better person. So, i want to use these to help people around the world. There are poor,sick,needy people all around the world. There is a good method of giving them a livlihood even if they are not educated. Everyone with a proper job can host an assistant. Everyone who wants to be thorough in their job will appreciate an assistant. Because there is always more work to do. People might deny that but just ask them: " tell me something that you dont know." There is always something that we dont know. Now teach a well explained version of it to a whole team of starved people in their native language. Let them assist. They will learn. They work harder. It is a terrible feeling of desperation when you are super tired and broken and you know if you dont earn today, you wont be able to eat and you will be more tired and sick the next day. That desperation coupled with feebleness i cant even describe it. In the lockdown the daily wage workers had to walk hundreds of kilometers, to find food. No rich person was getting out of their houses so no livlihood for the poor. People fainted on the ground,etc. Millions of poor people are still suffering. That is just the case in india. So if you couldn't figure out right away how to employ these people, think like this. In the near future Machines will monitor hospital patients. These machines have sensors and these sensors record and analyze the data. And the machine learning algorithms they run on are fallible in the present. So take a starving person and tell him to monitor everything that is going on inside the area of the body where the surgery needs to be performed. One nurse looks after a large number of patients. There are many many things going on inside the patients body. Give this starving person the live camera feed of the patient and other feeds like blood pressure, etc. let him observe every right and wrong thing for days and months. He will become an expert at observing. He can report immediately what is wrong way before the condition gets critical. Might even prevent deaths. You can pay them now! It doesn't need to be a patient, it can be a malfunctioning valve in an industry, thats making a noise no one can identify. So you see there is a lot of work to be done in the machine learning industry. And until that is done let these people do it. When they become experts they can describe accurately what the signs are that the machine needs to look for. Another added bonus! No? Just google how fallible these machine learning algorithms are. These people dont know what opportunities await. They are not aware! That leads me to another illusion of grandeur: I meet with a native whose language i dont know. He doesn't know any other language but his own. We try real hard to communicate with each other. I start to tell him what is food by showing him my stomach like in dumb charades. In my mind i think he misunderstands but i cant tell. In my illusion of grandeur i want to believe that he understood something else pertaining to his tribe's stomach dance. Because i am learning his language from scratch, i gain new insights in machine learning in how two layers of neurons communicate with each other in a many layered neural network. I am recognized and appreciated. I start actually earning money. Papa is happy. Yayy. Back to reality. I need to study exams are approaching.bye folkspaper!