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Illusions of grandeur 03

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Illusion of grandeur 03

Can someone become a millionaire from having nothing in a single day. I think i had an illusion of grandeur for the fastest possible way of making money while doing minimum work. Here's how it goes: There is a very useful app called starmaker. People can sing karaoke and record it in the app and post it. The app grades them and ranks them according to their accuracy and displays the ranks for everyone to see. There are tons of other features like chatting,singing competitions,singing rooms,collaboration,etc. You can give gifts and follow people and get a chance to collab with popular singers,join a singing family. Numerous features are a speciality of the app. It seems as if every idea they had they put it i to the app leaving nothing except this... The app has other competitors like smule which charges money. The app can beat its competitors and make millions more using my simple idea. So in my illusion of grandeur, i try to contact the starmaker executives to sell them my idea. The idea is an isolated feature. Meaning you ca seperate and count the money made with the idea in contrast to what the rest of the app makes. I was willing to give them the idea provided i get 80 percent of the money the idea makes when executed. They can keep the rest of the 20 percent. I was excited and i tried to contact them in real life but i got no reply. Then i spotted another opportunity. The app makes fake messages and sends them to people whose profile you've visited and others. Like you keep getting mesages from other people saying lets go on a date, or other messages hinting sexual stuff. My friend who is also on starmaker got multiple fake messages adressed from me saying stuff like, i want to date you,etc. I'm not gay. So we decided to sue starmaker. Only i didn't have the money to do it. I was confident we would win. So i contacted various law firms saying, i dont have any money now but if you help me sue starmaker and we win then you can have a percentage of the settelement amount. But i got no reply. So i'm still waiting for the right opportunity. Anyways, in my illusion of grandeur, i use the suing threat to successfully get the attention of starmaker executives. Now i somehow had to break through all the beaureocracy. For example if i explained to them that i have an idea that can make their company multiple times what it is already making, but i will only reveal it to you if i get 80 percent of what you make from it. So the executive whom i have approached will say: okay tell me what is it. But if i reveal it to him or her, and they have to approach a higher up and explain my situation to them, the higher up can simply take my idea and not give me the money because i dont have any hold over the idea once i've revealed it. This was the beaurocracy that i wasn't ready to face. So i had to devise a complex non disclosure agreement saying what we've talked about never happened unless i agree that it happened. The executive signs it, his higher up signs it and so on until it got to the decision maker who can implement the idea. This is the idea: your app has everything that singers need except a coach or a teacher or a guru. Such a person can mentor them through the app by observing their singing and helping them improve their techique and helping them reach mastery. This person or techer can charge 5-10 bucks per assessment and 30 percent of it will be the commission of the app. Out of this 30 percent, i get 80 percent.Hundreds of teachers can reach millons of passionate singers through this app. There is lot of money to be made. You can do this too. Just find an idea that can make profits enough to catch the attention of the decision makers of a company. Pitch it to them under a non disclosure agreement asking for a good percentage of the profit. Thats it without investing any of your precious time you will begin to earn big bucks. I think. Everyone wins. No? But do you know who really needs money right NOW. Millions and millions of starving people who dont have the resources to grow but work much harder than us without significant results. They dont have money for higher eductation. If they had it and put the usual amount of effort into education it that they put in everyday just to survive, they would bloom in their career and rise higher than us. They are starving and need our help right NOW. Unless we help them, they will have no savings when they are old, no pension. Many have to work for a living till they die. Jesus please send help. Jesus i'm your instrument. Jesus help all the poor,sick and needy to know your love. Here's another illusion of grandeur i had about Elon musk: Elon decides to buy land without any money. He approaches farmers all over the world and makes them an offer: " if you give me your land, i will make buildings having many storeys and having a huge area. Every alternate floor, i will give to you to grow crops indoors. The other floors will be mine." The farmers agree because a lot of money could be made using this approach. Elon now approaches builders and says to them:"i have hundreds of thousands of plots of lands all over the world. If you build over them like i tell you to, i will give alternate floors to the farmers who used to own the land to grow crops indoors.From the rest of the floors, half i will give to you to open colleges and research institutes in them only the other half are mine." Elon approaches poor,sick and needy people all over the world and says to them:" i have many floors in buildings all over the world, some i've given to farmers,some to builders to create a college for rich kids kind of atmosphere, from the rest half i give to you to live for free and the other half i keep for myself." By now Elon has beautiful cities filled college like communities all over the world. He keeps the floors he has left on rent and from it earns trillions because they are still many. He uses it to further our expansion into space. Bye folkspaper!