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Impact of Covid-19 on the education system

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As we

all know about the global pandemic, Covid-19 AKA Coronavirus is slowly and silently gulping some of the major provinces of the world. People can no longer go outside to perform the daily chores or hit their favourite restaurants or cafes just to relax their minds from the busy schedule. Everything is in a messed up condition right now. The people are lacking proper medical facilities in the hospitals to treat the deadly virus, our economy is trying hard to hold it all together and most probably getting in a huge debt, shops have closed down, small businesses are on the verge of shutting down forever, daily wage labourers are starving. They are asked to move to their respective villages without any transportation facility or a single penny in their pockets to feed the kids in this lockdown. In this awful situation, less privileged people are getting crippled by poverty and unemployment as usual. They are struggling hard to make both ends meet. The situation is getting darker and darker without any possible solutions.

Covid-19 has significantly resulted in little or no income generation to support the falling economy. There is no sign of going back to what it was in the coming years.  And to add up to the whole devastating situation, schools and colleges have also closed down for straight two months. There is no sign of opening up for another two months. There is not even a single soul who comes to school to study or to impart education. Some institutions are even predicted to close down permanently. In this quarantine where students are locked up in their homes, they certainly don't want to pay thousands of rupees just to attend the zoom classes. Hence, the universities and colleges are not making enough money to support the people working for the institution. All the education institutions are swooped by a massive debt. These institutions are certainly not generating enough income to pay for professors or teachers and there is a huge cut in their salaries. According to the reports, student's loan debt is recorded to be $1.6 trillion in the year 2020. Student loan debt has now become the second highest in the consumer debt category after mortgage debt with an interest rates continuously touching the sky, resulting a major financial distress in the life of students. Reports show people of colour is getting badly affected by the education debt as they have the least parental wealth to rely on. But as they say "every cloud has a silver lining". Covid-19 might take 2 or 3 years or more for its effects to fade away completely but we are slowly and gradually heading towards an education system which doesn't require you to attend school or college. A new type of institution is evolving which helps you achieve good quality education and better job opportunities. It will cost 10% or less than the normal school which is way cheaper than the traditional schooling. One such example is "University Of The People". UoPeople is a non-profit, tuition-free,   online accredited American University where you can opt for flexible classes and interactive learning sessions from literally anywhere. A lot of free webinars and online seminars are also being organised by the reputed institutes which adds to the expertise of the students. This university is best suited for all the people who cannot step outside everyday with a conscious decision to study.  Before Covid-19, the education system was a lot more expensive and students were submerged into the pothole of crushing debt, leaving them exhausted and working all through their life to repay back the huge amount, instead of working towards their own dreams and passion. But now, things have started to change. There is a little sign of hope that things are sure to sort out in the future. The students will finally be able to acquire a better quality education and training at an eye popping rate. They no longer have to suffer from horrifying student's loans or bother about repaying it back. Covid-19 has significantly shattered us all through the core but it has somewhere facilitated us with a better armour to fight back every time anything like this ever occurred in the future.