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Important Tips to Clean the Exterior of Your Car?

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To prevent your car from looking poorly maintained, you should regularly book car wash services in Lahore. Although fast and economical, automatic washing should be avoided because it is aggressive on the car's body.

For complete and perfect cleaning of the exterior of the vehicle, hand washing is the best solution. However, the use of this method does not guarantee a satisfactory result.


Indeed, suppose you wash your car incorrectly (especially if it is dark in colour). In that case, there is a good chance that the result will be disappointing: the presence of white spots on the body due to the soap used, dirt which reappears after drying the car… forcing you to rewash the vehicle.

For the cleaning to be as effective as possible, you must use the right technique, and especially the right products. In this article, we will explain how to clean all the exterior parts of your car properly.

• Clean & Polish the Body

Dishwashing liquid is an excellent cleaner for your bodywork. With a bucket of hot water, a cup of dish soap, two microfiber cloths (one for drying and one for polishing) and a sponge for cleaning.

All you have to do then is apply the assembly to your bodywork. You can also clean your car with baking powder, which is an effective cleaner for your bodywork. Indeed, it exerts a gentle abrasion without scratching.

Once the cleaning is finished, use the conditioner to shine your bodywork to leave no traces on the car. Make sure before applying that your conditioner contains lanolin, which is essential for effective polishing.

Pour a large amount of conditioner on a cloth. Cover your body with translational movements (left-right, right-left, or Z) but especially not circular movements, which could damage the body if there is dust.

If you want to remove scratches and restore shine to your car, we recommend polishing. You can use a polish or a scratch eraser (available at the station) to eject micro-scratches and marks (mosquito droppings, etc.) present on the bodywork.

Sounds like too much effort? Book car detailing services through Mr. Mahir app to make your car sparkling clean and fragrant without even moving a finger.

• Cleaning Aluminium Rims with Baking Soda

To clean the rims of your car, especially if they are very dirty, an excellent product is a baking soda. Mixing two half measures of hot water and half a measure of baking soda in a bowl is enough to remove even the most stubborn stains. It is enough to soak a cloth in the liquid and to rub the rims for perfect car wash at home.

• Clean the Yellow Headlights of Your Car

Yellowed headlights reduce visibility during night trips. They can therefore prove to be dangerous for the driver. To effectively clean the yellowed headlights of your vehicle, take a tube of toothpaste and a cloth; squeeze a small amount of toothpaste onto the cloth; cover the headlight with the fabric and then rub to loosen the dirt.

Rinse the headlight with water to loosen the product and grime, and wipe with a dry cloth. This method is also valid for removing friction marks from the body.

• Remove Insects Stuck to the Bumper

Moistened dryer wipes are particularly effective in loosening insects stuck to the bumper. Use them in right-left movements and feel free to use multiple wipes to get rid of resistance gnats.

How to Polish Your Car?

Wondering how to polish your car? If the paint is tarnished, consider polishing your car to fix it. First, you should understand that this operation should be done in dry weather and shade.

If you have just washed your car, wait until it has dried thoroughly before using polish. Avoid doing this in the sun or the rain, even when it is only drizzling. When the polish is applied to a damp surface, permanent stains will form.

The polisher must not touch the plastic parts: it leaves very unpleasant whitish stains, which can only be eliminated with specific products.

The polish is an abrasive product that nibbles a tiny layer of paint or varnish to leave room for the just below. This process, which makes it possible to embellish the bodywork, does not require repetition several times. Otherwise, all the paint will disappear.

Before use, shake the bottle, then on a perfectly dry surface, make small circular movements to apply the product with a clean, soft cloth. Wait a few minutes as soon as you see a whitish deposit, polish with a soft, dry cloth for a good two hours. You will be delighted with the result!

How to Wash Your Car?

It is always easier, more efficient, and comparatively cost-effective to book car wash services in Lahore through Mr. Mahir app. However, those who want to clean their car at home they should follow these steps:

1. Start with the parts most prone to clogging, such as chests and door sills. Clean the rubber gaskets with the renovator, then clean the rims.

2. Clean your tires with a rubber renovator, use a brush to scrub several times and rinse.

3. Finally, take care of the frames and sills. Remove pigeon droppings, mosquitoes, and other insects stuck on the car with a nylon stocking (which is more effective than a simple sponge).

4. Regarding the plastics in your car: mirrors, gaskets… prefer the renovator and the nail brush.