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Impossible Foods Is Now Making Milk That Tastes And Acts Like The Real Thing

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Plant-based food industry Impossible Foods is now looking to expand beyond faux meat, and its heading for dairy products next. The company is now developing faux milk, called Impossible Milk, which tastes like the real thing, but it isn’t real. The milk is reportedly being engineered out of soy and nuts. And not only does it look like real milk, but it is just as creamy and it doesn’t curdle when it’s poured into beverages. Impossible Milk is looking to replicate cow’s milk, and its formula is a far cry from the dietary alternatives that Impossible Food has already introduced.

Impossible Foods is also likely to double the size of its research and development over the coming year in order to speed up the progress of its new product. The company will launch an investigator program which will include scientists from all over the world, who will come down to join the team. They will be served with all the resources and facilities that might help them to develop the new technology.

As Impossible Foods seeks to create an entirely new technology platform to help replace animal consumption by turning plants into meat, fish, and dairy foods, it is also launching several parallel projects alongside the milk initiative. Impossible Foods also teased its current development on a crackable faux egg. And another project seeking to replace fish with ‘Impossible Fish’ is also in development. The company has set a brief showcase where it teased all its upcoming projects while also detailing their progress.

Source: Impossible Foods