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In 'Ireland's Most Haunted House,' a pageant queen shares injuries allegedly caused by ghosts.

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While growing up in one of Ireland's most haunted homes, a pageant queen posted pictures of injuries she says were caused by ghosts.

Victoria Lily Tully lives in Donegal's Sharon Rectory, famous for being the scene of a gruesome murder in 1797.

It attracts many paranormal investigators, but Victoria has lived there since she was born, and she claims to have scars to prove it.

Victoria, a student paramedic who recently won Miss Bikini Universe Ireland 2021, says she was injured in the middle of the night and has cuts, bruises, and even burns.

"I had an imaginary friend as soon as I could walk and speak," she said, "but it turned out to be the spirit of the house, and I still see her today; she wears a white gown and has long hair."

"My bedroom is behind the back staircase, and I'd always hear someone coming up from the back stairs - they always catch you when you're most vulnerable, which is usually when we're sleeping."

"At night, the attacks happen; once, I was in the shower, and scratches appeared on my body out of nowhere."

"I was scared until a few years ago and refused to move around alone, but this is my home, and it's meant to be my shelter, so I learned to embrace it.

The house, which has more than 20 rooms and was designed by Trinity College in 1775, was unknown to Victoria's parents when they purchased it. They're all too used to it now.

"There was an ambush on the house in 1797 by the United Irish Men to kill Reverent William Hamilton, who was a judge and had given a hanging that day," Victoria's mother, Lisa, explained.

"Because of the bad weather, Reverent William Hamilton returned to Sharon Rectory, where he knew the two inhabitants, but the man who had bought him the house was also involved."

"They fired through the glass, and he used Mrs. Waller, the house's resident, as a human shield, causing her to be shot and killed instead of him."

"In the end, he had to be dragged out of the house by the servants, and he was ruthlessly murdered."  It was so bad, they said, that his eyeballs were bursting out of his sockets.