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In Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal, seven grooms arrived for a wedding with one bride.

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MP is said to be fantastic. In such a scenario, a shocking case from Bhopal, the state capital, has emerged, in which seven different grooms arrived at her home to marry the same bride. But no in-laws, no married couple, and no bride could be identified. When they went to the police with their issues, the Kolar police reported a forgery case against the wedding institution's boss.

According to reports, all of the grooms have deposited between 20,000 and 20,000 rupees in the name of getting married.

According to the records, in the capital of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal, an organization known as Shagun Jan Kalyan Seva Samiti, used to defraud millions of people in the name of marriage. The committee had demanded that seven grooms marry on the same day, March 25. Under the pretext of marrying poor girls, this institution used to run a gang of thugs. Boys were also seen on the girl's side at the same time.

The institution charged the boys 20,000 rupees for this. At the same time, it would warn the girl's family that the boy had declined to marry when the matter reached the wedding. On the specified date, seven separate grooms arrived at the procession.

However, no one was found there; they were all gone, and the lock was discovered in the in-laws' house. The organization kept calling people from the bride's side at all hours of the day and night, but no one answered. These victims went to the police station with their grievances in such a case.

TI Chandrabhan, speaking about the case, said that a complaint was filed on behalf of seven separate people in the name of Shagun Jan Kalyan Seva Samiti, a city institution. In which a case of adultery has been filed for the intention of getting married. 

According to the police, these groups used to attract people's attention by distributing leaflets in cities and towns, talking to everyone, and summoning them to their Vineet Kunj office in Kolar. 

We used to marry poor people, it was said.

In a similar case, Keshav, a Bhind survivor, said that he first received this form at a bus stop. When he dialed the card number, Roshni Tiwari was greeted, who invited him to his office. 

When Keshav arrived at the office in the afternoon on January 16, he was shown a 25-year-old girl, he said. 

The partnership was then resolved. Roshni had admitted to the girl that she was her daughter. In the name of getting married, the committee had taken 20,000 rupees. 

When he arrived at the wedding address, he discovered a lock on the door.

He attempted to contact Ghanto Sansthan's citizens but received no response, and the committee's office was also locked. When he went to the police station to file a report, he discovered that six other grooms had filed reports in the same situation. Two of them were from Agra, one from Shivpuri, and one from Bhind.

According to the TI, a preliminary investigation revealed that Kuldeep Tiwari and his wife Roshni Tiwari run the Shagun Jan Kalyan Seva Samiti and another Rinku Sen used to work for the organization. 

Roshni fooled the complainants by being the mother of Tiwari girls. The police have now lodged a lawsuit against the owners of this institution and are conducting an investigation.