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In pictures of a home for rent, a house hunter notices someone hidden under the bed covers.

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A bizarre picture of someone sleeping under the covers in one of the bedrooms went viral after being posted on Twitter, where others shared their own similar experiences.

When estate agents arrange for photographs to be taken to place a property on the market, the current owners are typically asked to clean up quickly.

Since the majority of buyers begin their property search online, choosing the right photos, taken at the right angle, is also critical to attracting interest.

However, one listing is getting a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons, after house hunters discovered someone hidden under the covers in a photo of the room.

It depicts a double bed with a grey blanket draped over it and a plain outline of a person on the right, who did not seem to be able to sacrifice sleep for the sake of a photoshoot.

"Just love that this guy was like, I could get out of bed while the estate agent takes a photo or I could become be d l u m p," @Killjoysilk tweeted.

"And does the bed lump *come with* the home, or will we have to supply our own?" the user added to the bizarre picture, which earned thousands of likes.

Surprisingly, other people responded with their own similar experiences, indicating that sleeping humans are not uncommon at viewings.

Out of all the people who visited, one of them said: "When my wife and I went to look at a flat once, the estate agent had forgotten about the appointment. The viewing had to be done with someone covered under the covers. It's downright strange."

A second person wrote: "One night, I slept on the sofa of a friend's uni home, only to wake up to a house full of French students being shown around by the landlord. I slept in a short dress with a huge faux fur coat, and I'm always happy I couldn't understand what they were thinking about me."

A person added: "It reminds me of a time when my parents were showing our family home, and my sister was sound asleep in her bed, refusing to wake up. They walked in and saw a ten-year-old passed out in the bed, and they asked, "Is she okay?"

Others, on the other hand, felt sorry for the sleeper, writing, "You come to take pictures before 9 am, and I'll be bed lump too."