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The ring of Kamalbabu Doctor's mobile rang. It was nine o'clock at night. He said with his mobile phone in his ear, "Hello! I have to go home!" He found out the place and the address. Ariata knew him, so there was no need to ask any more questions. He noticed that the man in the front seat was his last patient. So he said with certainty, OK, I'm trying to come soon.

He listened intently to everything the chamber patient had to say, as long as he looked at her, he seemed a little surprised. But he himself could not understand why. He has seen many more patients. He could feel a difference. He observed her a little more. How dim his eyes are. He was thin, emaciated, weak-looking, a young man in his thirties. He checked his chest with a stethoscope and said, "That's it." What's the matter, and he knows what Dr. Babu understood. He wrote down the prescription and told me how to take the medicine. Dr. Babu felt as if a gust of wind came out as the patient was leaving. Maybe it's an illusion in his mind. If there is a patient nearby, Doctor Babu gets out on a bike. He did the same today. There were not many patients in the chamber today. Now his middle age. Nowadays patients are rare. So if you get a call, go around by bike. This is the second bike of his life. The first bike is lying in the garage. He likes to ride a bike from an early age. The first bike has an incident. Once had an accident. He survived to die at that time. However, he used the bike for a long time after the accident. At that time he had just started his practical work as a doctor. Kamalbabu's father died of a heart attack before he passed the medical examination. From that time on, my mother became very emotional. My mother became mentally unbalanced little by little during the day. For professional reasons, he could not always take care of his mother. He relied on a permanent working man. Although his mother became very ill one day, he had to go to the hospital, depending on the workman. But after a while, he got the news about his mother's physical condition through a workman. Then he got very excited, hurried, riding the bike very hard. But he was on a rain-soaked road, somehow the car slipped and he fell. When he regained consciousness, it was midnight. Later, he found out that if he had an accident, the locals admitted him to the hospital. When he remembered his mother, he had nothing else to do. He can know all the details in the morning, the news of his mother's death. Neighbors help out and she is forced to attend her mother's funeral. As soon as he remembered this death, he suddenly remembered the patient. As many patients as he has seen today, this patient was giving something different. The deep feeling in his chest was not reaching him. Once he held her hand. Then his hands felt as cold as ice. It was as if he were on his own. Maybe it's not his feeling right. But his cloudy eyes, his mind was looking for something else again and again. Today he saw so many patients, he didn't think anything. So why does it seem like this? Riding the bike along the illuminated road, thinking like this, Kamalbabu reached the patient's home address. As soon as he entered the house, he heard the sound of crying. As if someone had said, it would have been better if Dr. Babu had come a little earlier, even then there was knowledge. Dr. Babu ate vyabachaka, did not understand what to say. Doctor Babu just told me to take off the cloth. Must see once. At least now you have to write the death certificate. As soon as Kamalbabu took off his clothes, he was startled, the same! If U want to read in bengali plz click inthis👇link #creat-a-page-jump #creat-a-page-jum