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Indian Curly hair journey

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       I would like to share my experience of natural curly hair which I hated since my young age. I fell in love with my hair 16 months before but I am more confident ever about it and comfortable too.I had very dense and frizzy curly hair. My mom used to oil, brush and braid my hair.

       When I tried basic curly hair products, then I started getting compliments for my hair. So I started following Curly hair method religiously. I have 3b/3c hair with low porosity. My hair loves DIY masks and Deep conditioning which changed my hair journey. I am learning new methods to style my hair.

Curly Hair Routine and Products -

When I was new baby for CG method, initially I tried some basic products which I listed below-

1. Pre-poo my hair by oil before shampoo. ( I like to keep my hair oiled for whole night)

2. Mamaearth shampoo used on wash days.

3. Conditioner and Leave-in-conditioner Loreal Paris smoothing conditioner. (This product is discontinued by Loreal now)

4. Hair Gel Pantanjali aloe vera gel.

Techniques used for Styling -

A. Praying hand- Using this technique for reducing frizz of curls

1. Apply conditioner on damp hair.

2. Take conditioner and rub between your palms.

3. Apply or smooth conditioner from slightly above the hair roots (avoid direct contact with roots and scalp ) to end of the hair strand.

 B.Raking & shake- By using this technique, hair get detangled and get more definition

1. Apply conditioner on wet hair.

2. Divide hair in small sections.

3. Take some conditioner on fingers

4. Run fingers through hair like rake.

5. Once conditioner is distributed equally all over hair, hold onto the ends and shake them and make sure that hair section is getting curl pattern.

6. Apply aloe vera gel.

C.Scrunch- This technique adds volume and definition to hair.

1. Apply conditioner on hair.

2. Squeeze access water out and hold the section of hair for few seconds and squeeze.

3. Also we can use micro fiber towel or cotton t-shirt instead of hand and scrunch hair for few seconds. It absorbs access water.