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Indian Police Arrest Firebrand TV Presenter In Suicide Case

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TV presenter and founder of Republic TV, Arnab Goswami, has been arrested by police in relation to a suicide case of a man and his mother. While the death of interior designer Anvay Naik, and the designer's mother, have been ruled a suicide, officers say that the case is linked to Goswami.

The Indian police have found a suicide note by the designer, claiming that the reason for taking his life was a large sum of money owed to him by Goswami. He wrote that the presenter refused to pay his debt, an allegation to which Goswami denied. 

After his arrest, Republic TV claimed that the police used physical violence against Goswami and called his arrest a "black day of India’s democracy” in a statement they released. Goswami is known to be a great supporter of current Indian leader Narendra Modi and regularly spoke out about and prided Modi's nationalist views during airtime. Modi's party condemned the police after Goswami's arrest.

Source: Al Jazeera