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Indian Startups Plan To Create An App That Would Avoid Google Restrictions

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Google has implemented a new rule which requires all apps to give Google a 30% cut of their profits. Indian tech companies, forming one of the biggest internet markets in the world, have found a way to bypass the Google cut starting next year. 

About 60 executive from multiple companies have started discussions on Tuesday to fight the Silicone Valley giant, reported BuzzFeed News. The alliance includes huge companies such as Paytm, MakeMyTrip, ShareChat, and others, coming together to fight against the Valley's influence on the market in India. They plan is to lobby the government in India and create an app store with an Indian-homebase to combat Google's App Store Google Play. 

Patym's CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma expressed that he disliked that any American company is able to control the Indian startup market after his app has been removed from Google Play, causing a fear in the Indian startup industry. The move caused an unsureness within the industry about how secure their position is within the American market on Google Play. 

Sharma has reportedly did not reply to a request to comment on the new coalition, according to BuzzFeed.

Source: BuzzFeed News