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Influencer Who Stole Mask Design From Small Business Now Has Covid-19

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Danielle Bernstein, creator of the blog WeWoreWhat, announced on Saturday that she had been tested positive for coronavirus. She was spotted attending a party in the Hamptons along with 35-40 people without a mask.

A source told Page Six that "no one" was wearing a mask, contradictory to Bernstein's claims that she was following CDC guidelines. The news source was told that party attendees were rushing to get tested after the news about Bernstein hit. According to Insider, Bernstein said that, aside from her boyfriend who is asymptomatic, everyone who got tested after the party was negative. 

"I let everyone know who needed to and have been following all of my buildings’ strict protocols to be here," she said in another post, referring to her quarantining in New York City. She posted an update on Monday claiming that she can't taste or smell, comparing her experience of the virus to the flu. She updated again on her Instagram story saying "I do feel like I'm not getting worse so that's good." 

The social media star has had some controversies in the past surrounding stealing designs from small businesses. According to Diet Prada, the influencer asked the small face mask business By Second Wind for samples of their products. A while after that, WeWoreWhat released its own line of brands with extremely similar designs to the small business'.

In response to criticism of her actions, in addition to photos of her without a mask in the Hamptons, Bernstein responded: "I designed and ordered these masks over two months ago, before I knew what By Second Wind was … the chain and construction are completely different.”

She said recently in an Instagram post that "I opened myself up to hear from small businesses around the world, and shared so many of them with my community," she wrote.