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iPhone 12 Launch Date Leaked!

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After an array of speculative leaks, there we now finally have a potential release schedule for Apple’s iPhone 12. Announced shortly after the appearance of its previous iteration in the market, iPhone 12 has created a lot of buzz owing to its slew of exciting upgrades and surprising downgrades. The upcoming device is also rumored to debut with the greatest price hike from its previous model, with speculations alluding to a price increase as great as 200 USD. The launch of the iPhone 12 was allegedly delayed by the covid-19 pandemic, but as the latest schedule suggests, the new phone’s launch may not be as far away.

According to Tech insider Jon Prosser, whose reports have barely been amiss in the past, Apple iPhone 12 will be unveiled at a special event on October 12, 2020. The phone will be available for pre-order on the same day and shipping will kick-off from October 19, 2020. Apple is reportedly organizing a full event for the device yo build up even more hype around the iPhone 12 on October 12. The event will likely announce an October 12 pre-order week and rough October 19 shipping week for the iPhone 12. It is also expected that Apple will roll out November release dates for its iPhone 12 pro during the same event.

Before it launches its new flagship phone, Apple is also set to introduce a few more gizmos to the market. Apple Watch and iPad are expected to arrive before the iPhone 12, and a press release states that will expectedly drop around September 7.