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Is a man or woman more wise or unwise ?

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Just ponder over ! A man is so much intelligent that he carries out so many important tasks in advance, for example :

# Before the summer season begins, he gets A.C or room cooler checked and serviced.

During scorching heat, he switches on A.C before going outside so that his room becomes cold until he returns.

During unscheduled load shedding problem, he arranges UPS or standby generator.

Through remote tracker, he unlocks the door before approaching the car.

To avoid crowd, he shops before the arrival of festivals.

Seeing the cloudy weather, he keeps an umbrella with him.

He keeps ATM card with him when leaving his house as he may need money any time.

Bi-cyclers keep 10-20 rupees, motorbike riders keep 100-200 and car drivers keep 500-1000 rupees so that they do not have to face any trouble if they have a flat tyre, run short of fuel or face any other trivial problem.

He immediately sells his defective mobile phone thinking that it will not produce any price it is dead.

He learns 'time management' if he fails to handle his routine tasks and begins to makes daily, weekly, monthly and annual planning in advance.

Noticing a change in public inclination or trend, he keeps introducing the varieties of goods.

But how unwise this man is that the matters of Hereafter are not included in his priorities ! It clearly indicates that those tasks or practices that are purely associated with Hereafter are next to nothing in his daily activities. He who considers punctuality as one of the most significant feature for a successful life seems quite heedless in terms of five times Salah (Prayer).

If there are some urgent pieces of work at office, he fully absorbs himself in carrying out office work for improving his rating even sacrifices his appetite, thirst and rest; on the other hand, he makes different lame excuses during Ramadan for not observing fasts.'

For enjoying a respectable status, he becomes spendthrift in different parties and in the company of friends but when it is the matter of paying Zakah, he becomes a destitute person. After paying a little amount, he satisfies himself thinking that he has paid his Zakah.

Similarly, one does not pay attention to inner sins such as arrogance, jealously, bad presumption etc. Apart from this, he usually does not fulfill the rights of others as well as and he is also not eager to collect a treasure of virtues by performing 'Mustahab acts' along with 'Fard' and 'Wajib' acts. However, all those whom Allah grants Taufiq, perform these acts.

Dear readers! Whether your business flourishes or not and whether you get a promotion or not, you will not be punished upon these worldly matters but there are warnings of punishment of Hell for missing Faraid and Wajibaat acts.

Sayyiduna Sulayman Suri Said : 'People are asleep, they will awake when they will pass away.'

May Allah bless us with success in this world and the Hereafter.