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Is A 'Zorse' A Zebra Or A Horse?

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What do you get when you made a zebra stallion and a horse mare? Thats right — a Zorse! It' the product of mankind's constant attempt to reproduce and create unusual species. It's a beautiful and interesting creature, but the existence begs the question: Is it considered a horse or a zebra?

Humans just couldn't stop at the 'liger,' 'beefalo,' and the popular 'mule' animal hybrids. The Zorse is an interesting one because it combines the smooth rich colors of a horse with the stripy patches of a zebra. They are reportedly not as friendly as horses, though, and are hard to train and are generally smaller. 

Regardless, it has generally been referred to as belonging to the horse family. But that also doesn't take away from its zebra ancestry. 

Source: How Stuff Works