Is Ant Bicycle A Scam?

Boston, MA Tufts Medical Center

I’m a little concerned for my bank account. I wrote about the Ant Bicycle last week and raved about how happy I was. Today, however, Houston, we have a problem. I couldn’t lock the damn thing.

I call the obscure number written very small and so hard to find. This lady answers whom I can barely hear and with a thick accent I can’t detect. I had to spell my email 8 times!!!! I tell her the bike is broken and I do not want to be charged for anything. She asks me the numbers of the bike even though she had my email. Shouldn’t their intertwine in my account? I don’t understand why they wouldn’t have that information when I submitted my card.

She tells me she doesn’t THINK I will be charged and if there is a problem email. Again, couldn’t hear the email given or find it anywhere on the app. I disconnected my payment and my fingers are crossed.

Ant Bicycle | Cambridge | Ant Bicycle Inc

Who are we: Ant Bicycle is a dockless bicycle share system that provides a key transportation alternative to solve first and last mile commute. Let Ant Bicycle


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