Is Dental Saving Card No Much Difference with Dental Insurance?

Brookline, MA Brookline

Sadly, when I visited a dentist two weeks ago, which is also the first time for me to see a dentist in the US, he told me that there're a lot of works needed to do to my teeth. I think finally it's time to face the truth and get my teeth to become healthy again, so I decide to stick to the doctor's plan. Then I asked him, "which one do you think I should get for my dental plan, a saving card or dental insurance?" And his answer surprised me.

He said that it depended on different situations, and at least from his perspective, dental insurance is for people whose working companies have offered it as a part of the benefits package. As for my situation, if my company does not offer it due to my job type, he suggested that getting a saving card is enough because the price of my dental plan will not get much different no matter which one I choose finally.

Is it really the case? In the past, I always thought that the reason for people to choose dental insurance is because it saves more and is more comprehensive. Feel free to share your opinions with me!


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