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Is FC Barcelona too much depending on Leo Messi ?

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As you all know the history of FC Barcelona and it's mighty player , they had won several cups and leagues , but now days they are having several losses in there game and they are totally depends on leo Messi.

Unfortunately,Under valverde, the previous 2 seasons Barcelona's completely dependent on Messi.

In Pep Guordiola's or Luis Enrique's system, Messi had the support of the midfield. Midfielders had his back. They were doing a great job in getting the ball forward. The Xavi-Iniesta duo. What else do you need? Messi occasionally dropped back in a false 9 role if the midfield was out numbered by the opponents.

But now, they start with a midfield of Rakitic and Vidal duo. Both are defensive minded players. Both lack the creativity and passing ability to get the ball forward. Neither can they dribble nor do they have the physicality to sheild away from challenges. So Messi has to drop back every single time to get the ball forward, else the team would be just passing around the back from left to right and right to left. Pathetic defensive football. He's killed our philosophy, his killed our attacking mind set, he's killed tiki taka.

The most annoying part for Barcelona fans is that this duo of rakitic and vidal has back fired every single time in the league against mid table teams. Fc Barcelona manager never gets this, and uses the same in the champions league semi final knock out stage against Liverpool. They have such a creative talent like Arthur Melo who is so creative, his passing ability is off the charts, he twists and turns like Xavi, his ball control is just amazing to watch, has eagle vison. Why manager doesn't play him? He prefers experience over young energetic players.

dembele was benched for almost all the crucial games. Why? He just had come in from Dortmund, he had tough time settling into the team, a couple of bad games, and boom guess what!? Benched for the whole season. The same thing this season with Malcom and Carles Alena.

At the end we all know how great leo is and we all love him but if he doesn't have support in the match than he can't Play the match at his best way . So we hope that barca soon overcome this problem so they didn't have to depend on messi.