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Is Jenna Marbles Quitting Youtube?

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To frequent YouTube users, Jenna Marbles has been a staple of the video community for years. Her videos have racked up approximately 3 billion views overall, but her YouTube career may have come to a tragic end with her June 25 video, entitled "A Message."

See the video here:

Jenna, also known as Jenna Mourey, announced her intention to stop making videos on her channel, amid controversy surrounding questionable content that she had made in the past. Some examples include the use of blackface, a rap song joking about Asians, and criticism of women she formerly deemed promiscuous.

"For now, I just can't exist on this channel ... I think I'm just going to move on from this channel for now," she said, "I don't know how long it's going to be. I just want to make sure the things I'm putting in the world aren't hurting anyone ... so I need to be done with this channel, for now or for forever."

Jenna added that, "I do want to tell you how unbelievably sorry I am if I ever offended you by posting this video or by doing this impression [of blackface], and that that was never my intention. It's not okay. It's shameful. It's awful. I wish it wasn't part of my past."

Support of Jenna Marbles is a mixed bag online. Some supporters are shocked, and protest using content from nearly a decade ago to end the career of an influencer. They say that Jenna has sincerely apologized, and shouldn't need to quit over such an old mistake.

Others disagree, saying that influencers should be held accountable for all of their content, including older, problematic material. Some see it as the weeding out of offensive content and the promise that one channel will offend no others.

Where do you stand? Do you support Jenna's decision? What can she do to make amends, or should she even need to? Let's chat in the comments!