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Is Netflix's New Show Trying to Hard? Or Just Giving People What They Want?

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 When Netflix has the right people team up it’s a recipe for success for most of their original shows, and they’ve got another one premiering on their streaming platform soon that will likely be no different. And yet, in this TV show and movie lover’s opinion it just seems like an amalgamation of a bunch of things that didn’t need to be combined.

Think "Stranger Things" meets "It" meets a John Hughes movie, and you get the Netflix original “I Am Not Okay With This.” The Stranger Things is spot on because it’s not only also about a girl who discovers telekinetic powers but it’s being spearheaded by the Stranger Things creators (in collaboration with the co-created of “The End of the F***ing World”). It’s starring Sophia Lillis and Wyatt Oleff, both of “It” fame. And it has the vibes of a John Hughes coming of age story with a lot of teen angst, voice over narration by the main character, and rocking tunes perfectly set to any scenario.

I am willing to give this show a chance, but it just seems like it’s taking elements of all these really great things and mashing them in an unnecessary way, tying a bow on it, and going “look at this totally original thing that we made.” To cut the creators some slack, it’s really hard to have an original idea these days with all the content out there. This show just comes off as trying to hard to fit the mold and wear too many hats at once.

"I Am Not Okay With This" is set to air on Netflix on February 26th.

Check out the trailer here.

Image owned by Netflix.