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It Costs Almost $2000 to go to the "Mansplaining Event of the Century"

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If you happen to have $1999 burning a hole in your pocket, you can buy a ticket (and get another free to bring a friend, the website says,) to the 22 Convention, which on its website promises to be "the Mansplaining Event of the Century." In a world where women "are being taught to act more like men," the 22 Convention claims to speak against "toxic bullying feminist dogma," and strives to encourage women to live by their "ancient, biological nature," femininity that the event creators claim is "hard coded into [women's] DNA."

Some of the convention's aims are to speak about the "war on motherhood," in which speakers claim that the feminist agenda encourages women to "[deprioritize] motherhood until ~90% of their eggs are dead by 30." In addition, the talking points include "the attack on love & dating", obesity and beauty (specifically, how obesity stops women from being selected by men as reproductive partners,) and becoming the ultimate wife and mother, including talks on how to "get pregnant and have unlimited babies," and "beat the competition" in the race to be wedded.

Every single one of the confirmed speakers listed for the May 1 conference are men. including Anthony Johnson, "1st President of the Manosphere." In case you wondered, the "manosphere" is a collection of mostly online sources thatpromote the exact kind of 'neomasculinity' that the convention details in their description. Wikipedia even calls it a "misogynist [movement] associated with the alt-right."

There's an early bird special going on, so if you're really excited, you can get a ticket right now for $999.

Find the convention website here.

Photo: Pixabay.