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Italian "Wine Windows" are Experiencing a Rebirth

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What's old is new again! Some say that the remaining buchetta del vino, "wine windows," of Italy were a remnant of the bubonic plague, and some a relic of an era in which rich families sold wine directly to consumers. But over centuries, the tiny shuttered windows through which wine passed fell out of use.

Enter COVID-19.

The wine wimdows that are currently open may serve wine, coffee, drinks, or food, but they are all operating contactlessly. The Wine Window Association, committed to preserving the tradition, encourages reverence and respect for the windows and their respective owners.

Matteo Faglia, the association president, said "We want to put a plaque by all the wine windows, as people tend to respect them more when they understand what they are and their history."

In any case, it's a very relevant historical invention!