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It's Official: #Megxit Will Cost Harry and Meghan their Royal Titles

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In weeks past, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, announced their intention to "step back" from the royal family, citing a desire for financial independence and a life abroad for their son Archie.

However, after many long discussions with the Queen about how they might handle representing her Majesty in their new roles, the pair has been asked to separate completely, giving up their titles as His or Her Royal Highness. There's no telling how this might affect their royal Sussex brand, as their duties to the title will no longer hold them to it. Sussex Royal will probably have to be reconsidered, or eliminated completely, as it's unclear who, if anyone, will take on the duties of the role.

We'll still see Harry and Meghan at events and gatherings of royals. Like Princess Diana, who lost the HRH title after her divorce and separation from Charles, they'll likely be in the spotlight even without the responsibility of being Highnesses. So it's not as though they've disappeared from the Royal Family entirely. It's just that they can't have their new life in North America, financially independent and stripped of their HRH titles, and still propose to represent the Queen and her interests.

Photo: Pixabay