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Japan Has Plans To Release Tonnes Of Contaminated Water Into Sea

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A media report on Friday announced the the Japanese government determined that over a million tonnes of contaminated wanter will be poured into sea. This will surely affect neighboring countries such as South Korea and Russia. This decision was made nearly a decade after the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster that left tonnes of water contaminated. The Japanese government has reportedly ran out of space to store the polluted water, and the only option was to release the mass into the Pacific Ocean.

With approximately 1.2 million tonnes of polluted water currently stored by Japan in tanks, this has become a huge issue for the country over the past 9 years. There has been no decision made on the release of the water yet, according to industry minister Hiroshi Kajiyama, but they aim to make a decision as soon as possible. “To prevent any delays in the decommissioning process, we need to make a decision quickly,” he said in a news conference.

However, a plan like this can take about two years to implement, according to Asahi newspaper, as there are certain stages the water needs to go through before being released into the ocean. It was reported in 2018 that the Tokyo Electric, who run the power plant, had not undergone enough of the filtering procedures that would remove all toxic elements from the water. The company said that they are planning on removing all harmful elements from the water except for the allegedly harmless tritium, and it is not unusual to keep the isotope intact.

Source: Global News