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Japan Will Open Its Borders To All Countries In October

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After being selectively open to business travelers only, Japan will open itself to all kinds of travelers from all over the world starting October. Japan had closed its borders on potential entrants in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. The closure was subject to sharp criticism especially by non-citizens that resided in the nation on work or student visas traveling outside the country, as they were denied re-entry in the territory for several months.

But now, with the pandemic largely under control in the Asian region, the territory is all set to resume international activity next month. The government, however, is quite vigilant of the fluid epidemic. And it won’t shy away from reimposing travel restrictions if a surge in virus cases is witnessed.

Before visitors can join the general public, however, they will be put under two weeks of mandatory quarantine. There is also a restriction on Japan’s inbound traffic, which has been limited to just 1000 people per day. Japan is a tourist hot-spot, which puts it on a greater risk of coronavirus outbreaks. But, in order to curb the intensity of the pandemic, lest it reemerges, Japan has shut down most of its major attractions. The nation believes that its effort will prevent the amalgamation of large gatherings, subsequently reducing the chances of Covid-19 case spikes.

Japan has seen more than 80,000 infections with a death toll of over 1,500, significantly less than hard-hit countries such as the United States, which is nearing 7 million infections.