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Japanese Company Offers Employees Paid Leave To Grieve If Their Favorite Pop Stars Retire

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A Japanese company is allowing people paid leaves in case they get particularly disillusioned by a retiring

pop star.

Hiroro J., The president of Hiroro Inc. revealed that if an employee at his company got devastated about a pop star quitting their group, he would allow them to take time off to grieve the loss.

The president made the announcement via his company’s Twitter handle, stating: "It's been decided that an employee's favorite idol will graduate, so the company has added a congratulation or condolence leave clause to its work rules."

Adding to his tweet, the official mentioned that if a pop star leaves their group, the affected employees would be allowed to take up to 10 days off to mourn their retirement. In case an employee’s ‘second favorite pop’ star retires, they would be allowed an additional three days paid leave.

Additionally, additional recovery days can be added in the case of emotional or mental damage to the employee.

Hiroro Inc. works with a selection of entertainment-based personalities. The company holds live events and has also produced a photobook of singer Kanna Murata.

According to Yahoo News, Hiroro decided on the move after discussions with employees about mental health. They discovered that employees get particularly distressed when their favorite stars retire, and hence decided to allow them some time off.

"I just talked to the employee in question and they were in a state of depression that I felt really bad for, so I realized that this system is absolutely necessary for [young people] to work," said J.