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Japanese Researchers Have Proven That Masks Prevent Coronavirus But Not Fully

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While Japanese research has shown that masks shield others from catching the coronavirus, it seems to not fully eliminate the risk of catching the virus from others. This was tested by the University of Tokyo, where they built a model of a mannequin with a mask facing another without a mask.

The first mannequin discharged coronavirus particles into the space in order to test whether they would enter the others' breathing chamber through simulated breathing techniques. While the receiving end wore a cotton mask, it actually decreased the risk of inhaling the virus by 40% as opposed to no mask. 

When tested with an N95 mask, secured with tape around the edges, there was still only a 90% decreased risk, leaving some room to catch the disease. 

“There was a synergistic effect when both the virus receiver and virus spreader wore masks,” the researchers wrote.

Source: The Japan Times