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Jeff Bezos to Donate $10 Billion to Fight Climate Change...And It's About Time.

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Let’s just cut to the chase: Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and richest man in the world, is dedicating $10 billion to fighting climate change. And frankly, it’s about damn time.

Amazon has been a giant in the online shopping industry practically since it’s inception, and it’s only gotten bigger, farther reaching, and monopolized more of the market to bring it where it is today. So, this begs the question: why has the richest man in THE WORLD taken this long to step up and help take responsibility for what we are doing to that world?

Many people of much lesser value than he have been fighting, monetizing, and raising awareness for years now since climate change became a very prevalent issue and no longer ignored issue, yet the man who could sacrifice the money without it even making a dent in his fortunate has remained unmoved until now.

I suppose we’ll never know why he’s suddenly chosen to step up now, but I also suppose we should be glad he did at all. Starting this summer the grants will start being doled out to scientists, activists, and non-profit organizations to help them in the fight to preserve our planet and maybe, if we’re lucky, restore it to some of it’s former glory.

Image courtesy of the New York Public Library.