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Jim Gaffigan is About to Become America's Most Disturbing Comedian

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The trailer for a new movie named "American Dreamer" was released recently along with a flurry of positive reviews. The film features well-known comedian, Jim Gaffigan, who has filmed multiple specials through Comedy Central, Netflix, and most recently, Amazon Prime, but in a more serious role. While this may not be entirely new for Gaffigan, who has appeared in dramatic movies like It's Kind of a Funny Story and Them That Follow, people are finding his performance in American Dreamer different.

He's not only the main character in this film, but leaves a deeply unsettling feeling with viewers. He depicts a rideshare driver named Cam who chauffeurs a low-level drug dealer around. When he finds himself in financial trouble, he decides to kidnap the dealer's son.

Seeing the comedian in this role doesn't seem to be distracting as Gaffigan's performance and the film itself has been praised by those who saw the movie last year. It will be released everywhere on September 20.

 ( source: Storyland Pictures )

Storyland Pictures