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John Goodman's Fisher Price Commercial is the Sentiment We All Need Right Now

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When we were kids, we were so excited to grow up, become adults, and get to be in control of our own lives. Adulthood is the pinnacle of mystery and excitement to our young minds. But when we got here, we realized it wasn't all it was cracked up to be, and now sometimes we miss the simpler days of childhood.

Fisher Price's newest commercial for the holiday season, starring John Goodman, captures this sentiment for us in a perfectly crafted story. John Goodman reminds us of the world of imagination we once inhabited as children that we left behind and forgot about. He reminds us that there will always be that childlike sense of wonder in our lives through the children that we love who can remind us of the beauty of the world of imagination.

It's this kind of connection and beauty we need in this time of turmoil and strife in our lives, our country, and the world. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Check out the commercial here!

Screenshot from the commercial and owned by Fisher Price.

Screenshot from the commercial and owned by Fisher Price.