Just Some Animated Television Show Info

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Some big news has been released regarding a high anticipated, very popular animated show, and the announcement, as well as some others made recently, definitely warrant a little run down.

So, Rick and Morty has a season 4 release date. Adult Swim announced that new episodes will release on November 10!

Netflix has also recently release season 3 of Big Mouth AND creator Nick Kroll has announced a new spinoff of the show called Human Resources, which will be based around the monsters.

Bojack Horseman is also releasing season 6, which is also the final season, in two parts: one on October 25 and the second January 31, 2020.

Tucca and Bertie is cancelled, but we're ignoring that and you can stream the first season on Netflix anytime you want!!

Happy watching.

Rick and Morty promotional photo ( source: Adult Swim )

Rick and Morty promotional photo

Adult Swim


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