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Justin Sun – Victim or Villain?

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The saga continues concerning Justin Sun. Is he a victim or a villain? 2019 has been quite controversy-ridden for Tron so far – the Chinese scrutiny against CEO Justin Sun, the canceled Buffet Lunch, allegations of fake trading volume, and now Justin Sun’s fake followers. Following all these controversies, the market appraisal of Tron has plunged from $2.5 Bn in June 2019 to a little over $1 Bn in September 2019.

During April 2019, Blockchain Transparency Institute (BTI) published a report implying nearly 85% of the volume traded in the Tron market was completely fake. But, Is Justin a Victim? Finance Aristocrats interview with Tron spokesperson Cliff Edwards exposes there may be another side to the stories around Justin Sun and Tron. Edwards suggests Tron and Justin Sun get a disproportionate amount of hostility from the crypto community, which is provoked by competitors. What do you think? Share your opinions under comments.