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Kamala Harris’ VP Pick Results in Controversial Reactions From Voters

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Joe Biden announced on Tuesday, Aug. 11, that Senator Kamala Harris would be his running mate, acting as Vice President should he win the presidential US election. 

Harris is of Indian and Jamaican descent, her mother and father respectively immigrating to the US for an education. The presidential election announcement has marked Harris the first South Asian and Black woman to ever be placed on a major party ticket. 

Harris has been known to be one of the most progressive candidates among the possible candidates for Vice President, as she is one of the biggest advocates for justice reform issues. Despite this, US voters have been divided on how they feel about the running mate.

On one hand, you have voters who are celebrating the milestone of a woman Black candidate on a major party ticket for the presidential election. Then you have racist—mostly republican—voters who are criticizing and bashing Harris for her Blackness and her parents’ interracial marriage, and claiming that she was an anchor baby and that her parents we never legal immigrants. Some claim that she herself isn’t a legal citizen and questioning her eligibility to ever be president.

Shaun King, a civil rights activist, believes that it was quite a gutsy move on Biden’s part to choose Kamala Harris as his running mate. “She was a STRONG critic of him during most of the primaries. Maybe the strongest - on the Crime Bill, and a lot more. He knew this, of course, but chose her anyway,” he wrote.

She herself, has critics even from progressive voters, the biggest being her involvement with the criminal justice system and prosecuting low-level drug offenses. She also fought to keep prisoners locked up in overloaded prisons in the past.

While young voters recognize her flaws, they believe this is not the time to look for perfection in a candidate. “We cannot at this critical time get lost in our quest for perfection and miss the gravity we are facing,” wrote Danielle Moodie for Zora. It is much more important to keep out Trump out of office, who has arguably mishandled the pandemic situation, kept undocumented children in prisons on the US boarder, and repressed Black and Brown voices, disrespect and degrade women, etc. 

Kamala Harris may be the only source of hope for young voters.